Staff Directory by Department

Note: Five-digit numbers cannot be dialed from off-campus.
Unit Name/Email Title Phone
Acquisitions and E-Resources
Electronic Resources Julie Loder E-resources Librarian, Team Leader 615-343-5879
  Sheranda Lee Library Assistant 615-875-6925
  Chris Waldrop Library Assistant 615-343-3831
Monograph Acquisitions Mary Ellen Wilson Team Leader 615-322-1140
  Angel Craddock Library Assistant 615-875-6905
  Alice Cunningham Library Assistant 615-875-6883
  Linda Hand Library Assistant 615-322-2409
  Monica Sanchez Library Assistant 615-343-3832
  Valerie Hotchkiss University Librarian 615-322-4782
  Clifford Anderson Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning 615-322-6938
  Jody Combs Associate University Librarian 615-322-4782
  Laura Flippo HR Specialist 615-343-4266
  Nancy Godleski Associate University Librarian for Collections 615-322-7113
  Shore Griffin Assistant to the University Librarian 615-322-4782
  Bill Hook Deputy University Librarian; Director, Divinity Library; Acting Director, Central Library 615-343-8350
  Sara Lord Financial Unit Manager 615-875-8832
  Scott Martin Facilities and Environmental Services Director 615-936-6783
  Emili Tischer Administrative Assistant 615-322-3478
  Celia Walker Director of Assessment, Communication, and Engagement 615-343-4701
Collections Bryan Kurowski Library Associate 615-322-2769
Exhibits Sara Sterkenburg Cataloging & Exhibition Services Librarian 615-343-1965
Administrative Services
Annex Teri Bante Manager, Library Annex 615-343-3943
  Gregory Collins Library Assistant 615-343-3703
  Nancy Dolinger Library Assistant 615-343-4282
  Greg Weldy Library Assistant 615-343-4677
Interlibrary Loan Rachel Adams Assistant, ILL Borrowing 615-875-8892
  Merry Balthrop Assistant, ILL Lending 615-322-1029
  David Hughett Assistant, ILL Borrowing 615-875-9146
  Marymae Jansson Library Assistant 615-936-4627
  Benjamin Laird Library Assistant 615-875-8858
  Marilyn Pilley Assistant, ILL Borrowing 615-322-2408
  Jim Toplon Manager 615-343-4222
Library Mailroom/Receiving Tristan Keen Facilities and Mailroom Coordinator 615-322-2978
  James McCullough Lead Messenger 615-438-7231
Assessment, Communication, and Engagement
  Carla Beals Media and Outreach Coordinator 615-343-3756
  Sara Byrd Web Coordinator and User Experience Librarian 615-322-2546
  Mary Anne Caton Consultant for Educational & Interpretive Programs 615-875-9074
  Nancy Dwyer Public Programming and Events Coordinator 615-343-1222
  Lee Ann Lannom Assessment Librarian and Subject Liaison for Teaching & Learning 615-343-2915
  Celia Walker Director of Assessment, Communication, and Engagement 615-343-4701
Biomedical Library
  Philip Walker Interim Director of Eskind Biomedical Library; Library Liaison for School of Medicine 615-936-2200
  Pearl Chai Document Delivery & Collections Assistant 615-936-1370
  Camille Ivey Library Liaison for Health Sciences 615-875-9613
  Nathan Jones Archivist 615-936-1417
  Heather LaFerriere Library Liaison for Health Sciences 615-936-1387
  Dan McCollum Coordinator of Access Services 615-936-6176
  Bharathi Polavarapu Coordinator of Document Delivery Services 615-936-1405
  Chris Ryland Associate Director for Special Collections 615-936-1406
  Thanita Sweat Collections Assistant 615-936-3104
  Jim Thweatt Archivist 615-936-1408
  Rachel Walden Library Liaison for School of Nursing 615-936-3459
Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation Services
Cataloging and Collection Services Susan Bell Librarian; Team Leader 615-343-2090
  Denise Chavez Library Assistant 615-322-3504
  Linda Davis Library Assistant 615-322-0589
  Ann Mallette Library Assistant 615-343-1968
  Cheryl McClure Administrative Assistant 615-322-0159
  Karen Pillow Library Assistant 615-343-7255
  Debbie Williams Library Assistant 615-875-6912
  Yan-Xia Zhong Library Assistant 615-875-6866
Digital Content Creation Alla Foliyev Library Assistant 615-322-0246
  Jeff Taylor Library Assistant 615-343-2086
Preservation Sue Davis Preservation Librarian/Team Leader 615-322-2464
  Laura Matthews Preservation Technician 615-343-1250
Specialized Cataloging and Metadata Zora Breeding Team Leader 615-343-2089
  Suzanne Bell Library Assistant 615-343-3829
  Regina Berry Library Assistant 615-322-0586
  Don Jones Librarian 615-343-1967
  Sara Sterkenburg Cataloging & Exhibition Services Librarian 615-343-1965
  Pete Wilson Librarian 615-936-8659
Central Library
Administration Bill Hook Deputy University Librarian; Director, Divinity Library; Acting Director, Central Library 615-343-8350
Baudelaire Center Yvonne Boyer Librarian 615-322-6284
Circulation Yolanda Campbell Library Assistant 615-936-6849
  Benjamin Darling Library Assistant 615-936-6842
  Kashif Graham Collections Maintenance Coordinator 615-875-3494
  Janie King Library Assistant 615-322-2858
  Kelly Lockaby Library Assistant 615-322-2418
  Glenn Waters Library Assistant 615-343-5861
  Daisy Whitten Public Services Coordinator 615-343-1141
  Robert Wright Library Assistant 615-936-6847
Collection Development Yuh-Fen Benda Asian Studies Liaison 615-343-2091
  Paula Covington Librarian 615-322-6282
  Deborah Lilton Librarian 615-343-4237
  Pamela Morgan Librarian 615-343-3081
  Ramona Romero Librarian 615-343-4236
  Jason Schultz Librarian 615-875-8311
  Susan Widmer Librarian 615-322-6286
Government Information and Media Services Frank Lester Government Information and Media Studies Librarian and Subject Liaison for Film Studies 615-322-2838
  Will Stringfellow Library Assistant 615-343-3683
Instruction Melinda Brown Instruction Coordinator 615-322-6285
Divinity Library
Director's Office Bill Hook Deputy University Librarian; Director, Divinity Library; Acting Director, Central Library 615-343-8350
Public Services Chris Benda Librarian 615-343-5844
  Keegan Osinski Circulation Assistant 615-322-7983
  Bobby Smiley Librarian 615-875-9702
  Mat Trotter Library Associate 615-322-6993
Technical Services Jill Brown Librarian 615-343-0541
  Charlotte Lew Library Assistant 615-322-2566
  Anne Richardson Librarian 615-
Law Library
Administration Larry Reeves Associate Dean & Director of the Law Library, Associate Professor of Law 615-322-0020
  Susan Grider Administrative Coordinator 615-322-2187
Librarian Andrea Alexander Head of Faculty Services; Lecturer in Law 615-343-5467
  Meredith Capps Foreign and International Librarian; Lecturer in Law 615-345-2860
  Christy Ryan Head of Technical Services 615-343-4079
  Deborah Schander Associate Director of the Law Library; Lecturer in Law 615-322-2885
  Mark Williams Head of Digital Initiatives; Lecturer in Law 615-345-3337
Library Services Joyce McDavid Acquisitions Assistant 615-343-5465
  Sara Saddler Cataloging Library Assistant 615-343-4591
  Martina Sheridan Serials Library Assistant 615-343-4284
Public Services Mary Colosia Conn Library Assistant 615-343-5466
  LaRentina Gray Circulation Manager 615-322-4640
  Stephen Jackson Digital Services Library Assistant 615-343-5417
Library Technology and Digital Services
  Dale Poulter Director of Library Technology and Digital Services 615-343-5388
  Nancy Boggess-Korekach Systems Librarian 615-322-7125
  Matt Dillingham Web Designer/Developer 615-936-1372
  Jodie Gambill Systems Librarian 615-343-9376
  Judy Johnson Digital Assets Manager 615-322-4529
  Jamen McGranahan Systems Librarian 615-343-1614
  Scott Walker Assoc Application Server Admin 615-936-2446
  Tao You Systems Librarian 615-343-3827
Management Library
  Hilary Craiglow Director 615-343-4182
  Meredith Broadway Data Analysis Librarian 615-322-1148
  Deborah Brooks Library Associate 615-343-4108
  Sara Byrd Web Coordinator and User Experience Librarian 615-322-2546
  Joseph Collins Library Assistant 615-343-5946
  Robbi De Peri Librarian 615-322-5133
  Rahn Huber Librarian 615-343-4084
Music Library
Cataloging Services Jacob Schaub Music Cataloger 615-322-3022
Director's Office Holling Smith-Borne Director of the Blair Music Library 615-322-5227
Public Services Michael C. Jones Circulation Coordinator 615-936-7043
Reference Services Sara Manus Education & Outreach Librarian 615-322-8686
  Robert Rich Reference Assistant 615-322-7171
Peabody Library
  Melissa Mallon Director of Peabody Library and Director of Teaching and Learning 615-322-3147
  Amy Corbitt Curriculum Materials Center/Reserves Coordinator 615-322-8813
  Kate Costin Subject Liaison for Leadership, Policy and Organizations 615-343-8663
  Leslie Foutch Subject Liaison for Human & Organizational Development 615-343-7541
  David Golann Subject Liaison for Psychological Sciences & Special Education 615-322-8014
  Shahpar Kamtarin Public Services Coordinator 615-322-4285
  Lee Ann Lannom Assessment Librarian and Subject Liaison for Teaching & Learning 615-343-2915
  Karen Swoopes Administrative Assistant 615-322-8866
Research and Learning
  Melissa Mallon Director of Peabody Library and Director of Teaching and Learning 615-322-3147
  Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation 615-875-9937
  Elisabeth Shook Scholarly Communications Librarian 615-343-2085
  Suellen Stringer-Hye Librarian for Linked Data and the Semantic Web 615-343-4427
Science and Engineering Library
Access Services Debra Stephens Circulation Manager 615-322-4905
Director's Office Honora Eskridge Director, Science and Engineering Library 615-343-2322
Reference and Collection Development Jon Erickson Biological Sciences Librarian 615-343-7105
  Machelle Keen Library Assistant 615-322-4165
  Tina Qin Librarian 615-343-7106
  Carlin Sappenfield Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy Librarian 615-343-7107
  Richard Stringer-Hye Librarian for Earth and Environmental Science and Civil and Environmental Engineering 615-343-4395
Special Collections and University Archives
  Juanita Murray Director of Special Collections/Univ. Archives 615-322-2807
  Molly Dohrmann Manuscripts Assistant 615-322-2807
  Teresa Gray Public Services Archivist 615-322-2807
  Zachary Johnson Curator of Special Collections 615-343-8542
  Philip Nagy Image Resources Assistant 615-322-2807
  Kathleen Smith Associate University Archivist 615-322-2807
  David Stringfellow Archives Associate 615-322-2807
Television News Archive
  Dana Currier Library Assistant 615-343-7432
  Steve Davis Video Technician 615-343-7015
  Russ Mason Media Services Specialist 615-343-7433
  Lara McClintock Special Collections Assistant 615-343-8042
  Skip Pfeiffer Editor 615-343-7430
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