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Note: Five-digit numbers cannot be dialed from off-campus.
  Name Library Unit Phone
Rachel Walden Biomedical Library 615-936-3459
Chris Waldrop Technical Services 615-343-3831
Bill Walker Law Library 615-343-4079
Celia Walker Administration 615-343-4701
Philip Walker Biomedical Library 615-936-2200
Scott Walker Library Digital Services 615-936-2446
Glenn Waters Administrative Services 615-343-5861
Greg Weldy Administrative Services 615-269-5780
Daisy Whitten Central Library 615-343-1141
Susan Widmer Central Library 615-322-6286
Debbie Williams Technical Services 615-875-6912
Mary Ellen Wilson Technical Services 615-322-1140
Pete Wilson Technical Services 615-936-8659
Roberta Winjum Administration 615-343-3826
Robert Wright Central Library 615-936-6847

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