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Note: Five-digit numbers cannot be dialed from off-campus.
  Name Library Unit Phone
Yolanda Campbell Central Library 615-936-6849
Meredith Capps Law Library 615-345-2860
Mary Anne Caton Assessment, Communication, and Engagement 615-875-9074
Pearl Chai Biomedical Library 615-936-1370
Denise Chavez Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation Services 615-322-3504
Gregory Collins Administrative Services 615-343-3703
Joseph Collins Management Library 615-343-5946
Jody Combs Administration 615-322-4782
Mary Colosia Conn Law Library 615-343-5466
Amy Corbitt Peabody Library 615-322-8813
Kate Costin Peabody Library 615-343-8663
Paula Covington Central Library 615-322-6282
Angel Craddock Acquisitions and E-Resources 615-875-6905
Hilary Craiglow Management Library 615-343-4182
Alice Cunningham Acquisitions and E-Resources 615-875-6883
Dana Currier Television News Archive 615-343-7432

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