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Note: Five-digit numbers cannot be dialed from off-campus.
  Name Library Unit Phone
Merry Balthrop Administrative Services 615-322-1029
Teri Bante Administrative Services 615-322-2838
Carla Beals Library Digital Services 615-343-3756
Susan Bell Technical Services 615-343-2090
Suzanne Bell Technical Services 615-343-3829
Chris Benda Divinity Library 615-343-5844
Yuh-Fen Benda Central Library 615-343-2091
Regina Berry Technical Services 615-322-3504
Nancy Boggess-Korekach Library Digital Services 615-322-7125
Yvonne Boyer Central Library 615-322-6284
Zora Breeding Technical Services 615-343-2089
Deborah Broadwater Biomedical Library 615-936-1394
Deborah Brooks Management Library 615-343-4108
Jill Brown Divinity Library 615-343-0541
Melinda Brown Central Library 615-322-6285
Sara Byrd Management Library 615-322-2546

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