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Art at Peabody Library

Featured Artwork

The pieces featured here are important to the Peabody Library because they are associated with the school and its history. Peabody Library is home to a great deal more artwork, including a recent installation from Special Collections focusing on art inspired by children's literature. Please visit the library to view these pieces and find out more about them. 

Diversity of Thought Heirloom Untitled Quilt

"Diversity of Thought"
Sylvia Hyman (Peabody College alumna)
Sculpture in porcelain and clay

Sean Kelley (Peabody College, Class of 2006)
Sculpture in clay

"Untitled Quilt"
Rebecca C. Neely
Quilted wall hanging

Untitled Painting Helen Keller Portrait of James C. Bradford

"Untitled Painting"
Artist unknown
Oil on canvas

"Photo of Helen Keller"
Photographer unknown
Autographed photograph

"Portrait of James C. Bradford"
Artist unknown
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Julia Sears Impression of George Peabody’s Gravestone  

"Portrait of Julia Sears"
Cornelius Hankins
Oil on canvas

"Impression of George Peabody's Gravestone"
Artist unknown
Charcoal on linen


Sculpture Garden

The pieces below are permanently housed in the Sculpture Garden adjacent to the terrace of Peabody Library. The Sculpture Garden was given by Bernice Weingart Gordon (Peabody Class of 1956) and Joel C. Gordon.

Black Cat Coming Home Owls Lookout

"Black Cat"
Lynn Driver
Mosaic sculpture of a cat

"Coming Home"
DeLoss McGraw
Bronze sculpture of a child

"Owls Lookout"
Frank Fleming
Bronze sculpture of animals