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Law Library Staff

Note: The area code is 615.
  Name Library Department Phone
Larry Reeves Administration 322-0020
Susan Grider Administration 322-2187
Andrea Alexander Librarian 343-5467
Catherine A. (Deane) Deane Librarian 322-5927
Carolyn Hamilton Librarian 343-0208
Mary Miles Prince Librarian 322-0021
Jason Sowards Librarian 322-1438
Bill Walker Librarian 343-4079
Joyce McDavid Library Services 343-5465
Brenda McKee Library Services 343-4284
Nyla Villager Library Services 322-0024
Mary Colosia Conn Public Services 343-5466
LaRentina Gray Public Services 322-4640
Michael Jackson Public Services 343-4591
Stephen Jackson Public Services 322-2568