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Leisure Reading

About the Leisure Reading Collection

The Leisure Reading Collection contains books and audio books that can be checked out primarily for entertainment, whether you are looking for something to take along on vacation or simply for a break from course readings.

The collection reflects a wide variety of reading interests, to meet the various tastes of our students, staff and faculty. The focus of the collection is fiction best-sellers and popular fiction genres, such as mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, and historical fiction. The collection also includes a few non-fiction best-selling books--in such areas as health and exercise, money management, self-improvement, politics, social affairs, and biography.

The Basics

Arrangement. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by the authors' last names. The audio books follow the books and are also arranged by the author’s last name.

Check Acorn. Although the collection is arranged for easy browsing, check Acorn to see if we have books by favorite authors. A book may be checked out or it may be in the regular circulating collection.

2-Week Checkout. Due to the high demand for these titles, the circulation period is limited to 2 weeks. Items may be renewed one time if no other patron recalled them.

Suggest a Title

You are welcome to offer suggestions for additions to this collection. A suggestion box is located on one of the Leisure Reading Collection shelves. Please provide the title of the book, the author's name, and any additional information you have that would help us identify the book and its publisher. Though it is not possible to acquire every book suggested by patrons, we will give your suggestion priority consideration.

Leisure Viewing

Leisure Viewing is a selection of current releases and popular movies selected specifically for entertainment viewing. Please feel free to browse the collection (on the main floor of Central just behind the computer workstation area) and borrow any DVDs you see (up to five at a time).