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Central Library Staff

  Name Library Department Phone
Kasia Gonnerman Administration 615-322-6892
Yvonne Boyer Baudelaire Center 615-322-6284
Yolanda Campbell Circulation 615-936-6849
Benjamin Darling Circulation 615-936-6842
Kashif Graham Circulation 615-875-3494
Janie King Circulation 615-322-2858
Glenn Waters Circulation 615-343-5861
Daisy Whitten Circulation 615-343-1141
Robert Wright Circulation 615-936-6847
Will Stringfellow Government Information and Media Services 615-343-3683
Yuh-Fen Benda Subject Librarians 615-343-2091
Yvonne Boyer Subject Librarians 615-322-6284
Melinda Brown Subject Librarians 615-322-6285
Paula Covington Subject Librarians 615-322-6282
Frank Lester Subject Librarians 615-322-2838
Deborah Lilton Subject Librarians 615-343-4237
Pamela Morgan Subject Librarians 615-343-3081
Ramona Romero Subject Librarians 615-343-4236
Jason Schultz Subject Librarians 615-875-8311
Susan Widmer Subject Librarians 615-322-6286