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Barney Brooks

Dr. Brooks was chairman of the Department of Surgery from 1925-1962. Browse related items


Alfred Blalock

A surgeon, Dr. Blalock later became known (at Johns Hopkins) for helping develop a procedure to cure blue baby syndrome. Browse related items


Paul Lamson

Dr. Lamson was chairman of the Department of Pharmacology from 1925-1952. Browse related items


Charles Robinson

Dr. Robinson was professor of biochemistry at Vanderbilt from 1931 until 1973. Browse related items


Oscar Bloch

Dr. Bloch, who had previously been a research fellow, was instructor of bacteriology at Vanderbilt for a short time in 1937. Like other talented pathologists in these years (Alice and Eugene Woodruff, William Demonbreun), Bloch was quickly recruited… Browse related items


Jim Pinkston

Jim Pinkston was a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology. Browse related items


Mae Gallavan with a Microscope

Dr. Gallavan was instructor of bacteriology from 1936-1938. Browse related items

Mae Gallavan and Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

During her short tenure (1936-1938) on the pathology faculty, Dr. Gallavan published several papers on the chick embryo, including two with Ernest Goodpasture as co-author. Dr. Anderson was a graduate student and laboratory technician at the time,… Browse related items

Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

Katherine Anderson was a laboratory technician and doctoral student in bacteriology. She was awarded the PhD from Vanderbilt in 1940, and would later marry Ernest Goodpasture.  Browse related items

Harrison Rigdon, Mrs. Harrison Rigdon and Family

Dr. Harrison Rigdon joined the Department of Pathology in 1935. Browse related items

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