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A Man Unveiling a Statue in the New VU Hospital

Bill Doak's sculpture, "Circus Horse and Rider" is now located in the Children's Hospital garden. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital Move Planning Committee

Members of the hospital's moving committee discuss flow charts and the logistics of the project. Browse related items

Construction inside VUMC Tunnel

Workers build the tunnel connecting Medical Center North (MCN) to the rest of VUMC. Browse related items

Construction of the Tunnel Underneath VUMC

An underground tunnel connects Medical Center North (MCN) to Light Hall and the new Vanderbilt Hospital. This undated photograph shows its construction in early stages leading from the Round Wing. Browse related items

VU Hospital Skybridge during Hospital Construction, ca. 1980

The Skybridge connects the VU Hospital with Medical Center East across Medical Center Dr. At the time of this photograph, MCE was still only a parking garage. Browse related items

New Hospital Construction Interior, January 1980

Light bulbs dangle from the ceiling during the construction of hospital rooms. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction Site, January 1980

A view of McTyeire Hall and the University Club from the foundations of the new hospital. Browse related items

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