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The W.T. Bandy Center will host a major international conference from March 13th to 15th with an array of scholars from around the world.  Examples from the Hervé Vilez Verlaine Collection will be available for viewing at the Center. Closing remarks will be delivered with/by Provost Susan Wente, Chancellor Nick Zeppos, and Laurie Benton, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on the afternoon of March 15th. We are also planning a world premiere contemporary dance performance with Verlaine-themed choreography, that same afternoon. The proceedings will be filmed, and made available on the internet via the AmeriQuests platform ( Conference proceedings will be published in the Revue Verlaine. Since we will have the honor of hosting Hervé and Maryvonne Vilez for the occasion, as well as Seth Whidden who was the catalyst to the entire Verlaine enterprise here, we will also reserve ample time for Hervé to discuss his collection. (


"Vanderbilt Acquires Baudelaire Masterpiece"
Acorn Chronicle, Fall 2004

"Wachs Collection is First Class"
Acorn Chronicle, Fall 2004

"Vanderbilt Holdings: A Small Matter"
Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2004

Important Acquisitions

In April 2005, with generous funding provided by the Friends of the Library, the Bandy Center secured perhaps its greatest collecting coup ever: an exceedingly rare, complete first-edition copy of Baudelaire's masterpiece, Les Fleurs du Mal, in excellent condition. The acquisition marks a major milestone: the 3 million and first volume for the Jean and Alexander Heard Library collection.

Baudelaire, Charles. Les Fleurs du mal. Paris: Poulet-Malassis et De Broise, 1857.