Dean's Administrative Group

Library Dean's Office

The Library Dean's Office provides leadership, organization, and planning for the Heard Library's coordinated library efforts. Specific functions include:

  • Library-wide planning
  • Administration of system-wide policies and programs such as library access, staff development, communication and reporting, resource-sharing
  • Budget development and administration
  • Personnel and staffing
  • Development and fund-raising
  • Coordination of organization memberships (SOLINET, CNIARL, CRL, Information Alliance )
  • Interlibrary Loan operations
  • Administration of the Television News Archive
  • Mailroom and messenger services
  • Facilities Management
  • Copy Services

Staff of the Library Dean's Office

Note: most e-mail addresses are of the form (for example,

Jody Combs jody.combs Interim Dean of Libraries 615-322-4782
Bill Hook bill.hook Associate Dean of Libraries 615-343-8350
Roberta Winjum roberta.j.winjum Associate Dean for Technical Services 615-343-3826
Larry Reeves larry.reeves Associate Dean & Director, Law Library 615-322-0020
Nancy Godleski nancy.godleski Associate Dean for Collections 615-322-7113
Lisa Shipman lisa.shipman Director of Administrative Services 615-343-2039
Celia Walker celia.walker Director of Special Projects 615-343-4701
Connie V. Dowell connie.v.dowell Dean of Libraries, Emerita